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Introduction to Geoinformatics: Classes 2014


Ref Topic Lecture Exercise Code Data
1 Introduction Introduction Exercise 01 - Point in PolygonLua Examples Exercise 01 - MID-MIF data file
2 The Social World: Objects and their Geometrical Representations Objects
Geometry Exercise 02 - Geometry Exercise 03 - Geometry Roads in Acre (MIF) Roads in Acre (SHP) Roads in Acre (KML) China 1820 (SHP) China 1820 (MIF) China 1820 (KML) China 1997 (SHP) China 1997 (MIF) China 1997 (KML)
3 The Natural World: Fields and their Geometrical RepresentationsFields Fields in Lua
4 The Social World Revisited: Human data as Continuous Representations
5 Spatio-temporal data: From Observations to Events

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